☺☺☺Weekly Review☺☺☺

tube of pencils by wiccked, on Flickr           Monday: We had P.E and did some skipping
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  wiccked                                     Tuesday: I went swimming after school.
                                                                                          Wednesday: My Mum went to Sydney and she said that she is going to buy me some Smiggle things!
                                                                                             I went swimming after school again.
                                                                                         Thursday:  I am going to my grandparents house for the weekend

Kick it / Netball


today at school we played kick it, I did like my biggest kick ever!  It was really high.  We won by 11 points (we vs a grade 5 class at our school)

For 5/6 sport we played netball, it was really fun.  I think we lost.  I played centre, WD and GA.

I hope everyone else had fun playing sport!

Who one their 5/6 sport game? 🙂 🙂

My Weekly Review :)

Monday:  We had P.E and did some skipping, throwing and some other stuff.

Tuesday: After school I went swimming.

Wednesday: We had maths groups for the whole middle block, I went swimming again after school.

Thursday: We have a relief teacher and maths groups again.

Friday: We have 5/6 sport and I am going to go swimming after school again. 🙂