School ♥♥

Hi everyone,

Well it has been a while since i was last on my blog!!  To be honest I actually cant remember the last time i was on my blog!! hehe…

Anyway, this year has been pretty fun, school has been good and i have met heaps of new, great people!!!!

How has your year been so far???? I mean I know its May already but still!! ☺

What is everyone going to be doing in the holidays???

From now on I am going to try and do at least 1 post every week!!!!! ☺☺♥♥

Alex! ☺♥ xoxoox

Holidays!!! ☺☺♥♥

Hia everyone!

I have had a great holiday!!

First i went to QLD for Christmas to see my family!  It was so much fun!!!  We went to Wet ‘n’ Wild which is a water park!!!  That was so much fun!!  We went to the beach pretty much everyday, the beach was really nice!  The water was really warm!!!

Then i went away to Adelaide to compete in the National Pool Life Saving Championships!!!  That was really fun too!!!  The Tasmanian team went really well!!!! Tassie was the smallest team!!

I have had a really fun holiday!!!! 

I cant wait to go back to school and see all my friends!!

How was your holiday???  What did you do???



Hello Everyone!

I am very excited about Christmas! Is anyone else?? What do you want for Christmas? For Christmas my family and I are going to Queensland for a holiday! It is going to be so fun! Is anyone else going away for Christmas or doing anything exciting or fun? I am not only going to Queensland for a holiday/Christmas I am also going there to see my family, all of my family on my Dad’s side live in Queensland! 🙂

Please comment!:)

I hope you like my blog!

♥♥Love Christmas Market ♥♥


This afternoon I went my school’s  love Christmas market!  It was really fun! All of the stuff there was made by the students of the school!  There was cards, jewellery, mobile’s, t-shirts, cooking and heaps more! There was some really nice stuff there!  I bought some jam, gingerbread and a bookmark.


This is my Tagxedo, it is a website a bit like wordle but you can choose the shape that you want your writing to be in!

I copied all the writing from my blog then pasted it onto the website then chose my shape!  So my Tagxedomade from all the text off my blog!



Food is something that is eaten everyday by most people!

Food is really nice, but there is a fair amount of food that I don’t like. 🙂

There is sweet food,  savoury food,  salty food,  fresh food,  nice food and bad food.

I don’t really like tomatoes, some fish, oysters, scallops, beetroot, pork, and heaps of others!

I love chocolate!

I hope you liked reading my post about food!

Please leave a comment and tell me your favourite food.


Was It Possible???

Was is possible to watch the landing of the moon on a colour t.v?

First you need to find out what year the colour t.v was invented then you need to find out what year the landing on the moon happened.

What year was the coloured t.v invented?

The colour t.v was invented on the 17th of December 1953

What year did the landing on the moon take place?

The 20th of July 1969

Yes it was possible to watch the landing on the moon in colour!